Trexity Selects Woolpert to Provide Google Maps Platform Services

Woolpert has been contracted by Trexity, a flat-rate local delivery company, to provide Google Maps Platform services and technical support. These services include Google Maps APIs, Optimization AI, and Google Cloud solutions, which will support Trexity’s small and medium sized business clients.

Trexity was founded to make same-day, local delivery more efficient and affordable, so Woolpert customized its Google solutions to include Directions and Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR) APIs. The Directions API enables Trexity to calculate directions and distance between locations for quick delivery estimation, whether for single or grouped deliveries.

CFR is a function of Optimization AI. It is a scalable solution that creates and renders an optimized delivery route, supporting vehicle fleet operators and the creation of accurate, fleetwide routing plans at scale.

Woolpert Vice President and Director of Cloud Sales Rick Bennett said delivery in 2023 is all about the customer experience.

“The landscape has evolved to ensure the client knows where everything is in the delivery process at all times. Providing the ability to save money through efficient routing while ensuring customers can access on-demand ETAs at scale is essential to success,” Bennett said. “We’re able to leverage our mapping and Google services expertise to accelerate clients’ implementation into production. The sooner they’re up and running, the sooner they can establish their brand and reputation to advance sales.”

Trexity CEO and Founder Alok Ahuja said the startup selected Woolpert because efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and accurate mapping and routing data are the company’s primary objectives. Woolpert, a global geospatial company, was named the 2021 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for Location-Based Services.

“We started this company to fill a void in the industry and to help small businesses stay in business,” Ahuja said. “Woolpert is a longtime Google partner whose focus is on providing optimal mobility solutions for businesses of all sizes. We had lots of questions, and they had lots of expert guidance. Their support enables us to compete with the big dogs like Amazon, and to provide the reliable customer service customers crave.”

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