Increased Chances of Puget Sound Snow

 There are some situations that local meteorologists really worry about:  when both temperature and precipitation are on the margin for snow.   

And the situation tomorrow and early Tuesday is just like that….on the edge.

The latest UW WRF model run is painting a snowier picture over the western lowlands, as illustrated by the snowfall total through 10 AM Tuesday (below).

Several inches over north and south Puget Sound.  General snow over SW Oregon and Portland.  Loads of snow over the Cascades.  

The latest NOAA/National Weather Service HRRR model forecast has most of the lowland snow over north Seattle (see below).

I should note there is plenty of uncertainty for the Puget Sound snow.

In my podcast today, I talk about this situation and describe the complexities of this snowfall event.  The “inner baseball” of westside snow, including rainshadows, convergence zones, and marine influence.

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