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“Cairo through streets and portraits photography” was the theme title of a photography workshop organised by the Japan Foundation in Cairo. The Foundation invited Japanese photographer Shinya Arimoto to preside over the workshop, which was organised in collaboration with Photopia in Cairo, and which included a number of young Egyptian photographers.

Photopia was founded in 2013 in Cairo by two photography enthusiasts for the purpose of creating a hub for the rising photography community in Egypt. It offers a studio, gallery, courses, workshops, bookstore/Library, photography gear and a spot for photographers to socialise.

During the workshop, participants approached people on the street and took portrait photographs of them, or each participant took a photo of a specific scene; Mr Arimoto later assessed and critiqued the photos.

He mentioned that he was very impressed with the level and skills of the participants, and the way they expressed themselves through their works.

Some participants commented that they were not used to taking pictures on the street, yet they were able to take a variety of pictures, including strong portraits, vibrant street scenes and photographs that showcased Cairo’s unique architecture.

As the workshop concluded, participants commented that they had learnt new techniques and that the workshop was very fulfilling.

The photos taken during the workshop will be exhibited at the Foundation’s Library at a later date.

Watani International

13 March 2023



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