BitMEX halts all activities for a short time temporarily

Crypto exchange BitMEX published an announcement on its website and said it halted all activities except for canceling options.

However, BitMEX was able to solve the issue within 20 minutes and unlocked all trading on Mar. 13, 14:26 UTC.

BitMEX’s first announcement was published on Mar. 13 at 14:12 UTC and stated:

We have identified an issue that is suspending all trading on the exchange. Cancel only mode is active. We are working on implementing a fix and will publish updates as necessary.”

The exchange also noted that the customers and their funds were safe. A few minutes later, the exchange published another update and estimated that all activities would return to normal at 14:18 UTC.

At 14:26 UTC, a final announcement came from the exchange, revealing that the problem was resolved and the operations returned back to normal. However, the exchange also noted that it would continue to monitor the issue while assuring the users that their funds are safe for a second time.

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