BBC Rejects Guardian Right Wing Backlash Attenborough Censorship Claims

Essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon, Matt Ridley; The Guardian claims a David Attenborough episode of “Wild Isles” will not be publicly aired, because of fears of a right wing backlash.

BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of ‘rightwing backlash’

Exclusive: Decision to make episode about natural destruction available only on iPlayer angers programme-makers

Helena Horton Environment reporter
Sat 11 Mar 2023 07.00 AEDT

The BBC has decided not to broadcast an episode of Sir David Attenborough’s flagship new series on British wildlife because of fears its themes of the destruction of nature would risk a backlash from Tory politicians and the rightwing press, the Guardian has been told.

The decision has angered the programme-makers and some insiders at the BBC, who fear the corporation has bowed to pressure from lobbying groups with “dinosaurian ways”.

The BBC strongly denied this was the case and insisted the episode in question was never intended for broadcast.

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The response from the BBC;

The accusation that conservatives and climate skeptics would try to suppress an Attenborough programme is absurd. How could we entertain our readers by exposing the outlandishness of green ideas, if greens were prevented from publishing those ideas?

The only time we’ve objected that I can recall, is to the unconstrained use of green propaganda films as educational material, presenting them to kids as unchallenged fact, when many of them contain significant errors.

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